Sharecroppers Strike of 1939

'Sharecroppers Strike of 1939' Artist's Statement

I chose this subject because I am drawn to the 'David vs. Goliath' situations in life. During the Jim Crow era in our nations history, the Sharecroppers Strike of 1939 was a major labor and human rights movement and very much a 'David vs. Goliath' situation.

The works are prepared and presented in three and two dimensional visual forms that best express certain aspects of the movement. In some works texture is used to reinforce a particular shape that makes vivid the hardship strikers endured. Critical to the whole, aesthetically and metaphorically is color. It is a tool that I regularly use, charging it with contrasting hues, at times exaggerating it and at other times, subduing it. From the blackness of the crow to the whiteness of the snow, all tints and shades of color are infused with energy, trying to match that of the strikers.

This series of art works is a tribute to the strikers. The awakening of society to man's dark side, and the corrections to his mis-deeds and injustices that normally follow an awakening, is a gift to our nation and to us.