Jazz, The Gumbo of Music

'Jazz, The Gumbo of Music' Artist's Statement

'Jazz, This Gumbo of Music' is a visual investigation of the musical genre that is uniquely American: Jazz. The creative process and spirit that exists in every artist is manifested and incubated in the surroundings and conditions in which they lived when the works were created.

So I decided to travel back to my hometown, New Orleans, and the Mississippi Delta region to study the lives of the early pioneers of the genre, their economic conditions and extraordinary circumstances that came together to give birth to Jazz.

What makes the resulting works unique is that it is a conversation of the creative spirit between me (a visual artist of today) and several of the early jazz musicians. Even before Louis Armstrong, there were older musicians that laid the framework for the global phenomena that followed.

Having studied the jazz clarinet as a youth in school, my familiarity with both creative mediums, music and visual art, helped to inform the body of this work and flesh out questions that had not been anticipated in the beginning of the series.